Kane is now a mayor

A wrestler that looks a horror movie villain could become a US mayor

What does a wrestling superstar known for his horror movie mask and bone-breaking moves do when they hit their 50s? Become a mayor, of course.

Wrestling icon Kane - AKA Glenn Jacobs - has just won a Republican primary to become the mayoral candidate of Knox County in the state of Tennessee.

Perhaps not surprisingly, he was not the favourite heading into the polls. But he claimed victory with a lead of just 17 votes.

Now Kane will officially be in the mayoral race when locals go to the polls on August 5.

Kane was no mug in the ring, becoming a three-time world champion, having held the WWF Championship, ECW Championship and WWE's World Heavyweight Championship once each.

As Kane, Jacobs had a diabolical brother named the Undertaker who had a signature moved called The Tombstone Piledriver - a move Kane would steal.

He was also well known for the Chokeslam, which is as vicious as it sounds. He would lift his opponent up above his head by their neck, and deliver them an express route of pain to the canvass. Charming.

He was known for declaring 'freaks are cool' and 'it's a painful, ugly world' as some of his catchphrases, making him the pseudo villain kids loved.

But outside of the mask and the persona, Kane once said in an interview that he was really a 'boring' person.

"As a wrestling superstar, I have lived a life people would be envious of. But in real (life), I’m a pretty private and boring person who is trying to enjoy life and be happy with family," he said.

So if you were ever thinking of a career change, use Kane as your source of inspiration.

Because if a 51-year-old, 150kg bloke who stands at 7 foot wearing horror masks and smashing people to the tune of Nu-Metal can become a community leader, then anything is possible.

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