What is Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting can make or save you a fortune. This is how!

​Unlock the mystery of ​Asian Handicap Betting

​Asian Handicap Betting... Huh?? What the..... is an Asian Handicap? And how can Asian Handicap Betting help me?

Love your football? We do too, but we understand that ​Asian handicap betting can make offside rules seem like children's puzzles. 

We're here to help, with your ultimate guide to this unique market.

Asian Handicap Betting Explained

Betting on football can be a frustrating experience. While most sports are simply about the win or the loss, the glut of draws in football mean there are plenty of traps you can fall into.

That is where the Asian handicap comes into play, but it can also be confusing to those that have never trialed this market before.

Here, we explain the Asian handicap and how you can benefit from using it.

Make sure you have the right bookmaker accounts for Asian Handicap Betting

Not every ​bookmaker offers Asian handicap betting. Some, like Unibet, will offer limited options. Others, like Sportsbet, won't offer Asian handicaps at all.

To make sure you have access to every option you will need a Bet365 or Pinnacle account.

Asian Handicap Betting explained in a nutshell

The premise is actually quite simple. Football is a sport that has low goals and many draws - which is where the bookies will get you.

Most ​bookmakers in Australia offer three-way markets, so if you take a team with a -1 handicap and they win by 1 goal, you lose.

Asian handicap betting is a two-way market, so for the same bet you would get a full or half refund.

There are many different Asian handicap betting options, which we will explore, but the basic premise is that when the score lands on the exact handicap line, with a standard handicap, you lose, with an Asian Handicap you get a refund or a half win or a half refund.

So you can get your hard earned back in your pocket and avoid the three-way trap.

Asian Handicap Betting for Soccer

Here's an example of Asian Handicap Betting for Soccer in the Australian A-League.

Splitting your bet in two

​With each Asian handicap, you will be presented with two options.

In ​the A-League example above with Bet365, you can see that Melbourne Victory has 0.0 and -0.5 lines. So your stake would be split evenly across these two options. 

These are both two-way markets, which means there are multiple ways you can win and also earn refunds or half refunds.

How ​Asian Handicap Betting works

Use ​the Asian Handicap Betting table below as your ultimate guide. It explains each figure and the possible results. 

So with the Melbourne Victory lines, we have put one unit on the Asian handicap which is split in two across 0.0 and -0.5 lines.

Let's say that the game finishes as a 0-0 draw (a frustrating reality in a lot of football matches). That would mean that the -0.5 line fails. But with the 0.0 line, you get half of your bet back as a refund.

So when those annoying draws strike, this is a way to ensure you get something back, which other ​bookmakers don't offer.

If the game was to finish as a 1-0 result for the Victory, you would win both halves of the bet in an Asian handicap.

But most other bookies would only offer a -1 goal line. That would result in a handicap draw, and you would lose.

So while Asian handicap betting can be tricky to get used to, they present plenty more opportunities to win or at least limit your loss.

Asian Handicap Betting Table

Use this table to understand what each Asian Handicap Betting market means.

​What About Handicap Betting?

​Many ​bookmakers will have 'handicap' bets (e.g. Sportsbet is a great example - see below), but these will include a 'Handicap Draw' option, and therefore are 3-way markets and have three alternative outcomes to the bet.

These '3-way markets' take away your refund opportunities, because a 1 goal win to Fiorentian below would mean a loss if you have them -1.0.

Handicap betting

Handicap betting know as '3-way markets' take away your refund opportunities

​What Should You Do Now?

​Simple, make sure you use bookmakers that have Asian Handicap Betting as an option.

Bet365 and Pinnacle are by far the best and most reliable on the planet.

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