How to bet on the NBA

How to bet on the NBA betting guide

​How to pick more winners ​with your NBA Betting

​NBA betting, no doubts you want to pick more winners with your NBA betting. What do you need to know about how to bet on the NBA? That is the question.

Picking a winner in ​your NBA betting can sometimes ​feel a lot like throwing darts, while blindfolded, at a board at the bottom of a well.

Despite clear favourites at the top of the tree, the season is long and arduous, players get rested and rise and fall in form and even the bottom teams are still stacked with talent.

Those $1.30 favourites look like dream markets for multi-building, but these are bookie traps with the teams at much greater odds of actually winning. Getting three of them? Fuggidaboutit. 

So with that in mind, where should you direct your coin when betting on the NBA?

We explore some of the ​best NBA Betting markets on offer, to give you more chances of picking a winner without having to track down a well.

​The Best Bookmaker for NBA Betting

First of all, choose your poison carefully.

And the only real option for the best odds, highest bet limits and won't ban or close your account for winning is Pinnacle

All of the other Aussie bookmakers are just watching them anyway, but adding even more to the lines to trap you with.

If a line starts to spike in sharply on Pinnacle, it is likely smart money coming from a smart punter. If you can get the line before it blows out, you can follow the smart money.

​What are the NBA Betting Bet Types?

Money Line

The Money Line in NBA betting is the same as the Money Line in ​the other US Sports - the sports may be different but it is just a bet on who will win the game.

How to bet on the NBA-What is a NBA Betting Money Line

NBA Betting Money Line on Pinnacle


Handicap NBA betting ​is ​a bit more advanced than Money Line betting. Teams are given a ​plus or ​minus point handicap​. 

This means if a team is a heavy favourite they will have a negative handicap to overcome, while the underdog will have a positive handicap that acts as a head start.

How to bet on the NBA-What is a NBA Betting Handicap

NBA Handicap Lines on Pinnacle


Totals is all about the amount of points scored.

When it comes to a totals in NBA betting, it doesn’t matter which team wins the game ​- ​you are betting on whether the total number of points scored by both sides will be over or under a ​the amount set by the bookmaker.

How to bet on the NBA-What is a NBA Betting Totals

NBA Betting Totals on Pinnacle

​NBA Betting Markets for the more advanced

​Most hobby punters don't look much further than the 3 simple NBA bet types listed above. They "watch NBA, and bet on who will win".

​If you're serious about making an extra income from betting on the NBA or any other sport. You'll nail more winners when you look deeper into the various markets available.

​Most bet types ​are all about what happens throughout the game as a whole, some markets ​are for each individual quarter, the first half, second half or even the entire NBA season.

Quarter and half betting

​As well as betting on the ​simple markets mentioned above, NBA bettors can also choose to bet on the first quarter or first half of an NBA game.

​Again there's the same options - Money Line, Handicap and Totals - ​but the time period ​that relates to these bets is ​reduced.

If a team has a history of starting quickly but then ​falls away towards the end of the game, betting on them to win the first quarter or first half might make sense.

​Or another EXAMPLE is, if both teams ​are historically getting off to flyers and piling on the points early, a bet on the over for first quarter or first half totals might be a​n awesome play.

You want to look for statistics that put the advantage in your court and that the bookmakers may have overlooked or got wrong.

Outright markets

We all know that there's always an elemant of luck and randomness in betting. Especially with NBA Betting, and so many games being played day in, day out.

Teams can have off days and lose terribly to a team that has been playing shocking ball recently. So when ​you bet on individual games ​there's very little margin for error ​and ​that underdog playing on the road could blow all the stats out of the water with an unexpected result. 

That's where outright markets can be a good option.

Outright markets in NBA betting are bets that ​cover a longer period of time - this could be the ​entire regular season in the NBA or for a certain team to make the playoffs, etc.

This is called the NBA Futures Market.

The outright winner of the NBA Championship, Eastern and Western Conference winners, total season wins for individual teams and the winner of the MVP (most valuable player) award are just a few examples of outright NBA betting markets available at Pinnacle.

How to bet on the NBA-What is a NBA Betting Futures Markets

NBA Futures Markets for NBA betting on Pinnacle

​Finding Those Hidden Gems: The Best Things To Look At For ​The Best Results In NBA Betting.

​Any serious better knows that successful NBA betting isn’t about finding an team that's in-form ​coming up against a team that ​is struggling. ​There's no such thing as a “sure thing.”

There are ​a bunch of factors that should be considered in every sport, before ​placing any bet.

Injuries and rotation

​Getting that edge in NBA betting is super important. To find that edge you'll have to consider a bunch of different factors.

Because of the ​intensity and speed of NBA games ​plus the massive ​ volume of games ​during a season, injuries ​occur and ​team rotation is very common ​in the NBA. 

​Teams ​often change their starting lineup and sometimes rest their star players ahead of big games.

Keep up to date with team news and injury updates, then jump on the markets early to get an edge in NBA betting.

​Often the best way to get injury updates are on social media like Twitter ​or on live scores and info websites like FlashScores.

If a key player ​is ruled out of a game ​the odds for ​the team they are playing against winning the game could ​massively change.

If ​you are quick to react, ​you will benefit from higher odds and ​more potential profit. 

Use time differences and trades to your advantage

You can literally catch the bookies napping, if you are quick enough.

Futures markets are manually updated, so if a major trade, injury or other high impact event happens in the wee hours of the morning, you can strike.

By hitting these markets before they come in, you will also have cash out and hedging options available as the season progresses.

​The Best Statistics for your NBA Betting

​Analysing the right statistics will improve your knowledge of the game and teams. At the same time helping ​you make ​informed decisions when it comes to NBA betting. 

​As with most US Sports, there is a ​massive amount of team and player performance data available, as well as NBA betting specific statistics that will benefit ​you.

Teams against the spread (ATS) record will show how often they have beaten the handicap ​set by the bookmaker.

Over/Under records can be used to analyse how often teams have ​played in games that have been over or under the total points market.

​You can ​look at how often teams win or lose when they are the favourite or underdog.

You can track odds movement ​to try and ​find betting patterns.

P​oints scored within the key or from the free throw line is called "Points in the paint". This is an ​great team ​NBA betting statistic ​because it's the most efficient way to score in basketball.

​EXAMPLE: If a team has an above average ratio of three-pointers compared to points in the paint, ​you should look at how ​well the ​other team defend against three-point shooters.

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​The secret is finding statistics that ​help you identify teams strengths and weaknesses, find ​those matchups that are out of balance and take advantage of ​the bookmakers mistakes of the odds in NBA betting.

​Hit the rookie NBA Betting Markets

Adopting the futures trends can work well here as well. Rookie of the year prospects are a bit easier to pick as they are bigger and more athletic.

Ben Simmons is a prime option because technically he should have been a rookie last year, so he has had 12 months to hit the gym.

If you catch wind of a favourite being ruled out for a length of time, or getting involved in a scandal, overnight, then you have a free hit at their opponents before the bookies change the lines.

Look for short term NBA Betting trends

​When a team catches fire, you can make great bank on overs lines. 

Watch for a team that is starting to hit high numbers three games or more in a row and then strike.

But watch carefully, what goes up must come down. There are also longer term trends, especially between conferences.

Look for teams that are consistently struggling against key conferences and you can lift your winning percentage by following their failures.

Look for in-play (Live NBA Betting) opportunities

When good teams are down at halftime, there can be excellent value on them coming back or at the line.

You can get free NBA Live Streaming on your PC and mobile phone easily these days.

Look at the box score, if their less-fancied opposition is shooting the lights out (10 per cent or higher than their normal average), then that number is almost certain to come down in the second half.

Always know the standard averages for both teams and look for discrepancies. It can really open the door for high value live option plays.

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