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Ice hockey players face off

The EziSports guide to betting on ice hockey and the NHL

It is fast, it is brutal and often blood and teeth are left behind in the heat of battle – this is ice hockey, and it is also a great sport for the daring punter to make money on. There are many established leagues around the world and the most prominent is the NHL in the […]

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AFL betting guide

How to bet on the AFL – The Ultimate Guide to Help You Bet on AFL

​Your AFL Ultimate Guide: Betting on Australian Rules FootballBetting on the AFL in Australia can be lucrative, but you have to know what you are doing before you wade in. With so many markets, a league that is tighter than ever (excluding you, Saint Kilda, Carlton and Brisbane Lions) and upsets happening every week, going on […]

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Spain won the Football World Cup

How to bet on soccer – your ultimate guide to betting on football

On the surface, soccer (sorry, football for the purists) is one of the more simple sports on the planet. One pitch, one ball, two goals and 11 players on each side trying to boot that ball into the opposition goal – easy, right? While the premise is simple, soccer (we are going to call it soccer for […]

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Commonwealth Games star Sally Pearson

Your guide to the medal chances at the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games return home this week, with the Gold Coast set to host a fortnight of action in the pool, on the track and field and in a range of team and individual events. Here is your guide to our best medal chances, including some bolters who could surprise.In the pool at the Commonwealth GamesSisters […]

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Betting guide for the NFL

The EziSports guide to betting on the NFL

Betting on the NFL is big business, making up a staggering 40 per cent of all sports betting in Nevada, the home of Las Vegas.Super Bowl alone can reap in $8 billion in betting each year alone. So how can you beat the bookies in a sport where so much money is tipped in?Here is […]

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Tennis player Roger Federer

How to become a tennis betting champion

Betting on tennis can be a love match or a grand slam. But, if not done correctly, it can be like a bit fat deuce as well.To avoid temper tantrums to rival that of Nick Kyrgios, here is a simple guide to the do’s and don’ts of tennis betting.So you can look more like Roger […]

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