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Patriots Tom Brady ready for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LII preview

It is the one day of the year in Australia where breaking out the Coors Light and spicy chicken wings at 8am is perfectly acceptable. It is Super Bowl LII – and here is your ultimate guide to the biggest day in American football.The villain versus the underdogThis really is David versus Goliath. The Patriots […]

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David Warner and Tom Curran

Five times athletes went the early crow

When English paceman Tom Curran beat his chest and roared his delight at taking the crucial wicket of David Warner in the Boxing Day Test, it should have been the moment of his life. Instead, his first Test cricket wicket was reversed because he had over-stepped the mark with a no ball. And didn’t the 88,000 strong […]

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Stupid team names - UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

The top 10 stupid team names in sport

What makes sporting organisations dish up stupid team names? There are some truly ridiculous ones in sport across the globe, here is our top 10.OARC – Not old, not AlbanianThe Old Albanians Rugby ClubIs it an alternative rock group from the late 1990s? Is it a hall full of stale air, stale men and stale […]

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Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

5 sports stars that went batshit crazy

What do sports stars do in retirement? It would be a welcome quandary, to be young, rich and have the world at your feet. Some start business ventures, others pursue careers in the media or the movies. Others go absolutely stark-raving mad. Here are five of the finest plummets from sanity.Dennis RodmanOK, Rodman wasn’t exactly the straight […]

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A scene from NRL 2017

Video games a real sport, rugby league is not

Video games could be at the Olympics before rugby league is even classed as a sportCompetitive video games is on the cusp of being classified as an Olympic standard sport, while rugby league struggles to be classified as a sport at all. The International Olympic Committee endorsed E-Sports (read: video games) as a future Olympic sport […]

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A court ruled that Robert Dee was, in fact, the world's worst professional tennis player

The tale of the world’s worst tennis player

This is the story of a tennis player so bad, there was an actual court ruling that proved he was the worst that ever was. While we watch Bernard Tomic’s plummet from grace, tumbling down the rankings and bouncing off every obstacle with muttered self-absorbed nonsense, it is hard to think of anyone who could actually […]

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