David Warner and Tom Curran

Five times athletes went the early crow

When English paceman Tom Curran beat his chest and roared his delight at taking the crucial wicket of David Warner in the Boxing Day Test, it should have been the moment of his life.

Instead, his first Test cricket wicket was reversed because he had over-stepped the mark with a no ball.

And didn't the 88,000 strong crowd (and Warner) let him know about it? Curran joins the ranks of athletes that went the early crow.  Here are some others that delivered cringe-worthy and premature celebrations

Never cheer before you're winning

Women's Oztag in Newcastle hardly dominates headlines in Australia, except for that one time that it did.

The West Wallsend Magpies had seemingly won their final against Cardiff Cobras, up 6-4 when the hooter sounded. But instead of ensuring the ball was dead, a Magpies played launched it into the heavens and bellowed an almighty battle cry of victory.

Her cries turned to anguish when she realised a Cobras player had snatched the pill and bolted straight past her and her stunned teammates to claim the most unlikely of victories.

The fish that went the early crow

Former New Zealand Warrior Glen Fisiiahi showed enormous potential at a young age. But there was one moment he probably wishes would be deleted from the highlight vault for good.

Playing against Souths in the under-20s, the Flying Fish bolted upfield without a Rabbitoh in sight.

But as he sauntered into the in-goal, he took a moment to deliver a salute to the heavens - allowing a Bunny to clatter the ball out of his grasp and deny him a certain try.

You can't just throw high fives around willy nilly

Marathon running is a gruelling sport and there are very few second chances.

Which is why Adriana Pirtea will have eternal regrets over her gaffe at the 2007 Chicago Marathon.

It was her first ever crack at a marathon and she had opened up a sizeable lead towards the end of the race.

So secure, she felt, that taking some time to high-five fans was a luxury she could afford. So while she lapped up the glory, Berhane Adere sprinted past and won by three seconds.

Living on a prayer

This one would really hurt. In a tense Euroleague match in 2010, a Cibona Zagreb player jacked up a three-pointer in the final seconds that splashed home.

The player, his teammates and a roaring crowd began to celebrate like they had won a grand final.

Problem was, there was still 0.6 seconds left on the clock, enough time to hoik up a prayer.

The footage is amazing, as the players are stunned out of their celebrations, watching helplessly as the full court lob arcs over their heads and into the basket to steal their victory from them.

Play it again, Stanford

This one is hilarious. In a 1982 college football match between Cal and Stanford, the marching band from Stanford had actually entered the field - so sure they were that victory had been stitched up.

But Cal were still playing hot potato and not only burst through the Stanford defence, but the band as well.

That touchdown should have been worth double points, but we're sure the unlikely victory was reward enough.

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