This is how the Coronavirus is affecting sport events around the world.

How the Coronavirus is affecting world sport.

This is how the Coronavirus is affecting sport events around the world.

Now that the Coronavirus has travelled to Europe and North America, the Coronavirus has had a massive effect on the sports world.

The virus that emerged in Wuhan, China, has struck the sports calendar hard.

How the Coronavirus is affecting world sport.

Owing to the spread of the virus a range of sporting events have been canceled or delayed.

Besides Asia, because of the coronavirus, Italy has been the hardest-hit country in the world.

Six Nations rugby matches have been delayed, and Series A soccer games will be held at empty stadiums. The idea is to keep people out of the venues to avoid the virus spreading.

Even the Euro 2020 soccer tournament’s games in Italy have been put under threat of cancellation or being moved as Italian towns have gone into isolation.

In terms of sports betting, the coronavirus has limited some of the sports events bettors can punt on.

Using Italy’s Serie A as an example, there will be a massive change to the dynamics of the games.

Matches in Italy will see games played behind closed doors, therefore, fans will have no impact on the outcomes of matches.

Home stadium advantages will be void for the most part. There is a belief that the Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be a casualty of the Coronavirus.

Already the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix has been cancelled and the race league’s first three events are under threat of cancellation.

According to Forbes, $85 million in revenue could be down the toilet for Formula One.

Other events could be axed as well due to the threat of the Coronavirus and its potential spread around the world.

The betting industry will most likely be hit very hard by the disruption in sporting events. Moreover, sports bettors who make part of or all of their living from sports betting will be affected.

According to Worldometers, there are now more than 85,600 reported cases of the virus and it is growing.

Meanwhile, there have been nearly 3,000 deaths. They also reported nearly 40,000 closed cases of the virus have been reported with individuals recovering.

What does this mean to your punting?

Mainly that you should double check the venue that the event is being played at and see if there will be a crowd there or not.

“Home Crowd” advantage is something that should always be factored in when making a punt.

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Happy punting!

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